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The FIFPro board consists of thirteen members, including President Philippe Piat. He was chosen at the FIFPro congress at Ljubljana in October 2013 and was re-elected in Cairo, December 2017. His mandate runs until the 2021 FIFPro Congress.

The FIFPro board members are:

Philippe Piat - UNFP/France   Bobby Barnes - PFA/England
    Jesús Diaz Peramos - AFE/Spain
Vice Presidents:   Louis Everard - VVCS/Netherlands
Fernando Revilla - SAFAP/Peru   Camila Garcia Perez - Anjuff/Chile
Francis Awaritefe - PFA/Australia   Carlos Gonzalez Puche - Acolfutpro/Colombia
Geremi Njitap - Synafoc/Cameroon   Caroline Jönsson - SFS/Sweden
    Mads Øland - Spillerforeningen/Denmark
    Damiano Tommasi - AIC/Italy
    Lucien Valloni - SAFP/Switzerland



FIFPro Board members

  • Bobby Barnes picture
    Bobby Barnes
  • Camila Garcia Perez picture
    Camila Garcia Perez
  • Carlos Puche picture
    Carlos Puche
  • Caroline Jönsson picture
    Caroline Jönsson
  • Damiano Tommasi picture
    Damiano Tommasi
  • Fernando Revilla picture
    Fernando Revilla
    Vice President
  • Francis Awaritefe picture
    Francis Awaritefe
    Vice President
  • Geremi Njitap picture
    Geremi Njitap
    Vice President
  • Jesús Diaz Peramos picture
    Jesús Diaz Peramos
  • Louis Everard picture
    Louis Everard
  • Lucien Valloni picture
    Lucien Valloni
  • Mads Øland  picture
    Mads Øland
  • Philippe Piat picture
    Philippe Piat

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